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Castle Chapel The Lord Revelation

Kaple The basic stone was laid down in 1699. The building was interrupted in 1700 with tragic death of then owners of the land young noble couple Jan Josef and Marie Violanta from Šternberk. Their orphan – daughter Marie Terezie Violanta was only 1 year old. Due to her ward granduncle Václav Vojtěch from Šternberk the building of the chapel was restarted only a year later. In 1711 the first christening took place in the new chapel.

To the chapel borders a quadrilateral tower ( 49 m height). That was finished in 1705. On the top it is decorated with an eight-pointed star. Inside the tower hangs the Egidius bell ( 1 400 kg weight) which was made by Jakub Ptáček from Kutná Hora in 1519. Near the chapel there was built a sculpture group of Jan Nepomucensis from 1730. This sculpture group was formerly situated in front of the castle. This is probably a work of some pupil of Matyas Braun.

The name of the architect of the chapel is unknown. Later most of researchers thought that the maker had been Jan Blažej Santini ( 1677-1723). The style analysis of his works and new published archives documents lead us to the conviction that the author was Kryštof Dienzenhofer (1655-1722). It is impossible to determine who is the author because the characters in the building are typical for both designers and all charts and written documents of the chapel was probably destroyed during the range of fires which have affected several times Smiřice since that time. In fact this chapel is rare jewel belonging to the dynamic baroque. The short term of its building brought very unique, compact and homogenous (in style) interior.